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Snow White Meets Kindergarten Cop Sketches of the Day

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This is part of my studies for my illustration for SCBWI master class in NYC. We are taking a spin on snow white and I wanted to push the idea that maybe Snow White shouldn't have picked the dwarfs..infact the dwarfs are kind like a mix of the gremlins and kindergarten cop...Oh snow white have you done? I will try to show more process work as this progresses.

Sketchs for upcoming art shows

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The first three sketches are for my submission to Monsters and Dames for Emerald comic con. This combines three of my favorite things monsters, my daughters as the dames and banana seat bicycles.
The last sketch is my favorite buddies Han and Chewie. This is group show starting next month in lovely Brooklyn at Bottle Neck Gallery. I am still moving my work to a golden book style and having fun every minute painting.

I think I lost my Heart?

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I am trying to take things from everyday life and use them as a spring board for stories. I woke up the other day to my littlest Katie looking at me quite sad. I asked her what she was making her look so sad? She said, Mommy I think I lost my heart? At first I was sad too but then I asked again. What did you loose Katie? She said "My paper heart?" I love that something so simple and sweet could capture her I did a quick sketch of this idea in an animation meeting.

Weekly Sketches and Doodles O Rama

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I have been doodling alot but have been really bad posting some of the fun stuff in my magical black I am going to try to post weekly stuff..first sketch was created during a lively meeting on character design for animation and I brought up the great student films by pete doctor. I was really fortunate to see these while attending AM. I love shapes and these inspired a new book idea.shhhh..will post later..

The second page was a few of the doodles I did during another meeting. I usually find a word or topic someone brings up and spring board an idea off of that. Today someone brought up in conversation that students coming out of art school can't have a unique voice that they are cookie cutter...well...not to get all fired up..but I believe as a professor that is my job to help them find their authentic voice and encourage them to bring it to life...I don't know about you but I love when people bring a new look, perspective to the that inpired a drawing of Monkey holding monkey cookies...ahh cookie cutter monkeys..hummm..yep just weird...the other image of Monkey and yes you are right..TOAST! I asked my youngest who monkeys best friend should be...and it was brillant..well mommmy TOAST! with that face like come on mom you should know yes Toast and MOnkey! WaWHo!

Snack Dance

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Sorry for such a delay in post. Not that I haven't doodling alot but now I will try to post a few drawings a week to keep up the fun and to try new techniques.
This is a style I wanted to try for awhile...if you want to see a great tutorial on seperating line from the background!

Thanks hope you enjoy!

Eleanor Cookies!!!

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Here is a quick sketch from observation as my daughter heard her favorite words...Hay Eleanor Cookies! She later saw the sketch and said it didn't even look like her..I had to laugh...but I will always remember this drawing for how I felt about her hearing the "Golden words". The funny thing is she spent the next hour teaching me how to draw...and repeatedly said you know mom if you want to get good you better start practicing..totally cracked me up but she was totally I love drawing!!

Miss Eleanor ready for a trip to Minnesota

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Little E as we call her but she prefers her proper name of Miss Eleanor k. is my first sketch of my new daughter sweet little Eleanor. She loves tweed, music...and hopefully monsters as much as I do. Here is a pencils for the next paintings of the monster that inhabit her world. Tea anyone?