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Weekly Sketches and Doodles O Rama

Added on by suzanne kaufman.
I have been doodling alot but have been really bad posting some of the fun stuff in my magical black I am going to try to post weekly stuff..first sketch was created during a lively meeting on character design for animation and I brought up the great student films by pete doctor. I was really fortunate to see these while attending AM. I love shapes and these inspired a new book idea.shhhh..will post later..

The second page was a few of the doodles I did during another meeting. I usually find a word or topic someone brings up and spring board an idea off of that. Today someone brought up in conversation that students coming out of art school can't have a unique voice that they are cookie cutter...well...not to get all fired up..but I believe as a professor that is my job to help them find their authentic voice and encourage them to bring it to life...I don't know about you but I love when people bring a new look, perspective to the that inpired a drawing of Monkey holding monkey cookies...ahh cookie cutter monkeys..hummm..yep just weird...the other image of Monkey and yes you are right..TOAST! I asked my youngest who monkeys best friend should be...and it was brillant..well mommmy TOAST! with that face like come on mom you should know yes Toast and MOnkey! WaWHo!