About the Book

Throughout the book Monkey tries to be something special -- a squirrel, a bunny, a grasshopper, a fish. But Monkey finally realizes that the most special thing of all is to just be yourself -- no one in the whole wide world can ever do that better than you.


Critical Praise

Congratulations! "I Love Monkey" has won the PTPA seal of approval for excellence in children's programming.

"I Love Monkey" has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom's Choice Awards.

"I Love Monkey" gets the Delight.com Seal of Approval and is our pick for Daily Delight. --Delight.com

Along comes this lovable character with a wonderful story of encouragement and self-esteem for kids. Monkey's beautiful message is one that every teacher and parent hopes their children will hear. --Terri Atkinson, Bainbridge School District

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