About the Book

Confiscated! is a hilarious tale of sibling conflict and cooperation between two dinosaur brothers that all kids will relate to.  When Mama hears Brooks and Mikey fighting over yet another toy, it gets CONFISCATED!

(In other words, taken away.)

It's only when ALL the toys are confiscated that Brooks and Mikey finally learn how to work—and play—together nicely. (But not before creating a whole heap of trouble . . . )

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Publishers Weekly Review

In this lively story from Kaufman (Samanthasaurus Rex), two dinosaur brothers fight over their toys, which prompts their mother to take each item away: “They fought over the bike. Confiscated! They fought over Grandpa’s tuba. Confiscated!” After all of their possessions wind up padlocked in a wardrobe (not even the family dog is safe), Mikey and Brooks quickly become bored. With “nothing left to do but talk to each other,” the boys reminisce about the times they played together and cooperated, which leads them to team up to free a sequestered balloon from the wardrobe—and create a big mess in the process. Kaufman’s colloquial tone (“But then... they got busted!”) and use of “Confiscated!” to punctuate her text should make for fun readalouds, and her brightly colored digital illustrations, set against blank white backgrounds, keep the focus on the boys and their toys. It’s a relatable, if predictable and easily resolved, story of sibling conflict, and its message about the benefits of cooperation comes through loud and clear. Ages 4–8.